I Help Real Estate Agents Create Conversion Focused Marketing, So They Can Enjoy A Strong & Steady Income WithOUT Oldschool Prospecting

Free Course: How I tripled my business within 9 months without ever making a cold call.

Grow Your Tribe, Sell More Homes™

Learn how to become the local real estate influencer everyone wants to work with, in three easy steps.


How to go from spray and pray marketing to focused and predictable income.


How to go from not having enough leads to naturally converting a flood of loyal leads.


How to go from wasting marketing dollars to becoming a trusted authority & celebrity that attracts referrals (even from non clients).


​Realtor, Houston TX
"Sebastian, really loved your video about doing RE Gary V style... becoming the digital mayor. Been in real estate for a year and a half. I spent my first 18 months in the business being coached by the telephone-prospecting/cold calling way of doing things. It hasn't ever felt right for me. I really want to build my business in the way you described in the video."


Realtor, Alabama
"I attribute much my success to Sebastian's marketing strategies. After only being in real estate for 10 months, I grew a team of 20+ agents and have the fastest growing team in my city. I don't do any cold calling or door knocking. Leads come to me. I HIGHLY recommend Tribe Agent"

Meet Sebastian...

His family and friends call his Sab. He's an introvert by nature but loves the big stage. He's an international speaker, author and mentor in the real estate industry.

He's been called upon to coach real estate agents, team leaders, broker owners and top national real estate brands with their lead attraction and conversion strategies.

He's the founder of TRIBE AGENT™ where he helps residential real estate agents become local influencers so they can attract more business without oldschool prospecting.

The Bigger Your #IMPACT The Bigger Your Influence

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