Sebastian Is A "Must Have" Speaker...

One word describes Sebastian... IMPACT!

If you want your audience to leave inspired, motivated and ready to take action, Sebastian will deliver. Imagine creating an agenda item that will transform your audience from an everyday real estate agent that chases business, to a local influencer that everyone wants to work with.

It's no secret agents hate cold calling, door knocking and aggressive sales scripts. And the public does too. But what choice do they have? Most real estate speakers are still teaching this old-school approach somehow making it ok and acceptable. It's not! It's ruining and gives this industry a bad reputation.

Sebastian is a student of psychology and world class marketing. He will show your audience how to use this powerful combination to start growing a real estate business they love and a life that matter. There's no better feeling in the world than knowing how to attract clients instead of chasing them.


VP Network Services - Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Services
"Sebastian is knowledgeable and thought provoking in the delivery of his training. His passion for teaching and helping others to learn can be quite contagious. His information is delivered in a simple, concise and easy to learn format, making even the very beginner feel at ease in the learning process. He mixes his sense of humour throughout the presentations to create a comfortable and easy to learn environment."


Mississauga Real Estate Board - Education
"’Im impressed with his presence and with how he very quickly gained the audience’s attention. I’ve listened to literally 100’s of speakers over the past 17 years of Real Estate and I can say that Sebastian has the skills and the personality to educate, train and entertain his audience without boring them to death. He uses just the right amount of humour, personal stories and cutting edge technology leaving the audience with the feeling of time well spent."


Broker Owner - RE/MAX Garden City Inc.
"I have had opportunity to have him share what he does on more than one occasion with groups of salespeople within my company. His presentations are animated, visual, often humorous and always well delivered. They are of definite practical value and always well received. I would encourage any opportunity that can be provided to get him in front of realtors seeking to grow their business."

#IMPACT Your Audience!

The objective of every presentation is to IMPACT.

Sebastian defines impact as a physiological change that cannot be undone. He's obsessed with leaving your audience thinking and acting differently.

He says, "Leaving a permanent mark in people's lives is why I do this. It's like learning how to ride a bike. Once you learn you can't unlearn no matter how hard you try. That skill is with you for life".

Sebastian is very skilled at taking the complex world of sales and marketing end explaining it in simple to understand and follow format.


Realtor - Reno NV
"Sebastian captured our attention. He has a great sense of humor and a relatable way of communicating his message. If you're looking to hire him as a speaker, I would say it's a great idea! You won't regret it and the audience will not only learn but be entertained also."


Team Admin - Reno NV
"Very funny and captivating. The room was one of the fullest from the day's event. This was one of the most valuable sessions I attended at OREA's EMERGE conference. He's very humble and down to earth. A man willing to try something different and wanting to share everything that he's learned along the way. Very funny & honest. Rare to find these days."


Mortgage Broker - Toronto ON
"Sebastian is an extremely relatable speaker. He's walked down this path before and is not afraid to share his wins and losses. He's very engaging and moving and most importantly humorous. If you're looking for a speaker, you won't regret asking him to speak."

Dear Event Planner,

Hiring a speaker is not always easy. I get it. Last thing you want is a disappointed audience. It's a reflection on you and your ability to deliver. I don't ever want that for you.

My number one goal is to make you look like a rockstar for hiring a speaker who not only delivered but impacted your audience. That is my promise to you.

Please read through the testimonials on this page. I have not paid most any of them to say nice things about me. I invite you to reach out. Click on the button below and let's talk about your needs.


KW - Education
"Sebastian's presentation style and content is top notch and he keeps his audience engaged and entertained throughout it. The material is easy to follow and understand even for non-techies. The class he taught at Keller Williams Neighbourhood Realty agreed unanimously that it was one of the best ever"


Lender - Reno NV
"Sebastian delivered the content and information in a unique way through telling his own story, and addressing common pain points that we all have felt in our sales careers. I would highly recommend you have Sebastian speak/present at your event. Our group loved his presentation, and he provided great value to the audience of real estate agents"


RE/MAX - Realtor
"I have been to many events including seminars by various speakers but this is the only time, what Sebastian said, resonated with me. Engaging, genuine and insightful... Sebastian has a knack of looking at the real estate business from a different perspective and shows you how to capitalize on it! Highly recommended!

One Last Thing...

If you're looking for that slick talking "sales guru speaker" that preaches "sales scripts" and "objection handling techniques" from 1985, Sebastian is not your guy.

The real estate industry doesn't need another speaker teaching out of date sales techniques. If that's what you're looking for, don't call him.

Sebastian built his business and reputation by attracting clients through what he teaches.

If you want to #IMPACT your audience, he's your guy!

Speaking Topics

Sebastian's topics are based on real world experience and proven results.

Sebastian Specializes in Marketing & Innovation:

Sebastian has a passion for speaking about what makes real estate agents successful. His talks focus on current and upcoming trends that revolve around marketing and innovation. The two most important things that drive success.

Sebastian is available for in-office training session, conference and keynotes talks.
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